Missions are available to the player by going to the shop tab and selecting "Missions" on the left. They give various rewards, including money and pets.

List of Missions Edit

  • Ice Crusher: Kill 15 Ice Zombies. Reward: $500
  • Water Gun: Kill 15 Lava Zombies. Reward: $500
  • Beginner: Complete 10 waves. Reward: $500, Noob Pet
  • Slime Tamer: Kill 20 slimes. Reward: $500
  • Tank Destroyer: Kill 13 tank zombies. Reward: $550
  • Glassmaker: Kill 15 sand monster. Reward: $550
  • Big Clean-up: Kill 7 Tank Slime zombies. Reward: $600
  • Demonic Presence: Kill 600 demons Reward: $6000, Ghost Dragon Pet (hardest mission so far)
  • Warrior of Light: Kill 25 vampires Reward: $1500, Bat Pet
  • Freezing!: Kill 50 Ice Zombies Reward: $2500, Snowman Pet
  • Withstand the Heat: Kill 50 Lava Zombies Reward: $3000
  • The Bigger they are: Kill mega tank boss Reward: Mega Tank pet
  • Ghost Buster: Kill Dark Ghost Boss. Reward:$750 and a Dark Ghost pet
  • Paranormal: Kill 50 ghosts. Reward: Cthulhu pet
  • Expert: Complete 50 waves. Reward: $2500, Doge Pet
  • Master: Complete 250 waves. Reward: $9001, Skull pet
  • Speedster: Kill 15 fast zombies. Reward: $450
  • Dragon Slayer: Kill Dragon Beast Reward: $1500, Dragon Beast Pet
  • Fallen Angel: Kill 35 angels. Reward: $2750
  • God's Warrior: Kill Demon Overlord Reward: Demon Overlord Pet
  • Mining for money: Kill 2 crystal zombies Reward: Fancy Crab Pet
  • Boom! kill 22 explosive zombies Reward: $750
  • Beast Tamer: Kill 10 Beast Reward:$2,000
  • Zombies: Kill 30 Basic Zombies Reward $100
  • Zombie Slayer: Kill 100 Basic Zombies Reward:$600
  • Slime Destroyer: Kill King Slime Reward:$500 and a King Slime Pet
  • From the Void: 20 Void Slime Reward:$1600
  • Fast Zombie: Kill 25 Fast Zombies Reward: $800

Keep in mind that tank zombies do not count towards normal zombie kills, for example killing a tank slime will not count towards 'Slime Tamer.'

Trivia Edit

  • Missions were added during V.3.
  • During V.3, A bug that had to do with zombie missions was present. Example: A mission that required 50 slime zombies was in your menu, so you go out and kill 75 slime zombies. When you would go and retrieve your money, the quest would be there again, but you already have 50 zombies, so the left over zombies would go into the same quest, so you would have 25/50 zombies. You would go and kill 25 more for the same big reward. The developers of the game noticed this and patched it in late V.3.1 and early V.3.4!