This is a list of the known bugs in Zombie Attack.

  • Bat Jump Glitch - while the bat pet is equiped, equip another pet and you'll keep the high jump boost from bat pet.
  • Unequipped gun bug - Each time you don't use your gun it is placed at your back (all guns except pistols) or at your side (pistols) but if you keep equipping and unequipping your gun, it will appear at your back or at your side even though it is equipped
  • Double Gun Bug - It looks like a player is using 2 guns (at your back and at your side) at the same time, but you can only use one.
  • Main Menu theme glitch - When you sometimes respawn, you might hear the Main Menu theme.
  • Zombie and Spectate- When you spawn in the map, you might be able to see the exclusive main menu buttons.
  • Spectating in game glitch- You might spectate in game when you spawned.
  • Stuck Zombie glitch - When playing as a Zombie, if a horde of zombies or zombie variants are chasing another player, they may trample players and cause their legs and torso to be visible on the surface, but the head is stuck in the ground. This is fairly new, so it is unknown if it works on all types of zombies or if the zombie can still be defeated. The player zombie will eventually straighten itself back and return to the surface.
  • Mobile Glitch: Missing zombie torsos- Angel zombies and King Slime boss have no torsos. (Patched)

If you know a bug in the game, please add it the list.