If you are looking for controls on playing Zombie Attack, please go here.

In this zombie waves game, you have the option of using either a gun or a melee (knife) weapon (a sword/knife) to kill the enemies which are different types of zombies. You, however, are not alone. Other players assist you to fight off the zombies until the next wave. With each wave getting harder, you (and everyone else) will eventually lose. After a handful of waves have past during the game, you and other players must fight the Boss. In waves with a boss, starting with wave 11 and increasing by 10 after that, other zombies will not spawn which will leave you only the boss to fight with. There are more than one type of bosses. Bosses have different ways to attack. Once the boss dies, the game will continue back with zombies.

Summary: Zombie Attack is a game about killing zombies. It mainly focuses on a team of survivors fighting endless waves of zombies with either guns or knives. As the team of survivors progresses throughout the waves, it will become more difficult as each wave is successfully cleared. (This information can also be found on the main page)