Zombie Attack sometimes undergoes changes, such as balancing weapons and adding new systems.

Updates for the Game Edit

V.1 Game Release!!!!!!!!!! Edit

V.2 New Boss and Map Update!!!!!!! Edit

V.3 Mission and Pets update!!! Edit


V.4 New Boss Update!!!!!!!!!! Edit

  • Dragon Beast pet added

V.5 Maps Update!!!!!! Edit

V.6 Power Ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Power ups added.
  • Limited-Time 2x money boost.

V.7 SKINS For your guns!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skins and crates are added.

V.7.1 Hard Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!

v.8 Alien Update!!!! Edit

  • Added two new Game Passes, the Alien Weapons Pack and the Rocket Launcher!
  • New special event map, the Alien Lair!
  • Added a new Boss (Alien Leader), which only spawns at the new map randomly!
  • Lowered the cost of some Game Passes!
  • New Alien Leader pet, obtained through one of the tasks!
  • Level and Cash top 10 leaderboards!